GO HEAVY TRAILER: 150 Tons capacity drop deck with 8 axles modular trailer after sale service in Abu Dhabi

Project Introduction:

Go Heavy Trailer sold 8 axle lines modular trailer model V4 together with one unit of low-profile drop deck and sent engineer to Abu Dhabi to assist our client to complete this transportation duty.

This time client TLS will deliver a tank, which looks like a bullet, to a chemical plant. This tank weigh about 142 tons, 21m in length, 3m in width. And total distance is about 120km.

Warm climate, Warmer clients. It’s the first time to visit Abu Dhabi, and client take us to eat some local food, a little spicy but very delicious. Gentleman thank you so much!

Perfect experience and mission accomplished successfully!

Equipment Mentioned:




More Details

Modular Trailer


8 Axle Lines

Hydraulic Goose Neck


1 Unit

Drop Deck 150 Tons


1 Unit

Who Made The Low-profile Drop Deck in This Project?

GO HEAVY TRAILER specialized in manufacturing heavy transportation equipment, like Modular Trailer, SPMT, High bed and Lowbed trailer.

Manufacturer: GO HEAVY TRAILER

Delivery Date: 80 days

Feature: Fully compatible with France Nicolas MDED