GO HEAVY TRAILER: 1st day of 3file modular trailer form China and Germany in Kuwait

Brief Introduction:

GO HEAVY TRAILER sent engineers to Kuwait to do after sale service for our 16 axle lines modular trailer split version (model V3).

Here we need to connect modular trailers from China go heavy trailer with modular trailers from Germany Goldhofer, and then made a combination of 16 axle lines self propelled modular transporters (3 file).

Finally we test the function of lifting and steering of the whole set modular trailer, performed very well.

Thanks for the party you prepared for us. It’s really a happy moment with all of you gentle men.

GO HEAVY TRAILER-China’s custom trailer expert

Equipment Mentioned:




More Details

Modular Trailer Split Version


16 Axle Lines

3 Files Herder


1 Unit

2 Files Herder


2 Units

3m Tow Bar


1 Unit

Who Made The Modular Trailer Split Version in This Project?

GO HEAVY TRAILER specialized in manufacturing heavy transportation equipment, like Modular Trailer, SPMT, High bed and Lowbed trailer.

Manufacturer: GO HEAVY TRAILER

Delivery Date: 80 days