GO HEAVY TRAILER: the largest pressure vessel in Asia 3900 tons transported by 158 axle lines SPMT with 4 units of PPU

Project Introduction:

On March 15, 2021, the transportation project of 3,900 tons of residual liquid extraction tower carried by SINOTRANS was successfully completed. The residual liquid extraction tower transported this time is the largest tower in the world and the largest pressure vessel in Asia. It is also the core equipment of guangdong Petrochemical’s 2.6 million tons/year aromatics joint unit.

From Nantong, Jiangsu province to Jieyang, Guangdong Province, the door-to-door transportation of the remaining liquid tower includes a number of professional operation links in the factory, such as roll-on and roll-on boarding, binding and shipping, roll-off and unloading of the ship, on-site reverse transport and the position of the main lifting lug.

The remaining liquid pumping tower is about 117 meters high, with the largest outer diameter of 14.09 meters and the largest wall thickness of the cylinder body of 145 mm. The net weight of the equipment is 3900 tons, the weight of lighters is about 4370 tons, and the weight of hydrostatic test is 16,600 tons. It is the heaviest steel petrochemical tower in Asia. Our company GO HEAVY TRAILER dispatched a total of 158 axle lines SPMT and 4 units PPU to carry out the transportation task.

Equipment Mentioned:




More Details

Self-propelled Modular Transporter


158 Axle Lines

Power Pack Unit 360kW


4 Units

Who Made The SPMT in This Project?

GO HEAVY TRAILER specialized in manufacturing heavy transportation equipment, like Modular Trailer, SPMT, High bed and Lowbed trailer.

Manufacturer: GO HEAVY TRAILER

Delivery Date: 160 days